3D planning

3D wagon and train construction - planning & visualization

We are able to take over all constructions, calculations, documentation and approvals. Modifications of constructions. From assemblies to single part drawing, from single part to simulation, infinite calculation etc.

3D printing for understanding and imagination, your idea is enough for us. We do and organize the rest. We put your idea into action and get it approved ...

Existing vehicles or parts, control vehicles, motor vehicles, pneumatics and hydraulic systems, electrical, automated or manual, riveted or welded structures, plug-in systems, castings.

Adhesive technology, riveting technology or only screwed, serial parts, also spare parts and their procurement!

From heavy steel construction or tank wagons to ultra-light show coaches . Frame conversions, simple gear parts or systems. Quick connectors for construction machines. Adaptations of attachments to excavators and crawlers. Stainless steel piping for exhaust gas aftertreatment on diesel locomotives, track construction machines.

Workshop equipment, roof work platforms, stairs and ladders….

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