Restoration, repair & manufacture of locomotive boilers

Initially, small welding jobs were carried out. Stud bolts exchanged, lead screws replaced and their threaded bushings welded in. The connecting corners to a firebox, on the bottom ring. have been repaired. In addition, the boiler tubes, smoke tubes and superheater pipes were rebuilt. Socket covers and ceiling anchors exchanged. Ground anchor fitted.

All folds and dough parts made and adjusted. Pipe walls exchanged whether on the firebox side or on the smoke chamber side. Belly plates newly welded in the long boiler or riveted tightly.

Complete fireboxes are fitted in the standing boiler and of course smoke chambers are build completely new. Milled bottom rings, ash boxes and their injection constructed. Flame screens and negative flame screens developed or built.

Articulated stud bolts with cover caps for steel and copper bushes manufactured and installed. Boiler tubes rolled into copper bushes, flanged and provided with fire protection. Boiler tubes with transition from steel to copper brazed! Heat-resistant boiler rivets and parts made from scratch.

"In the meantime, we can also build a new boiler. With all the approvals and the complete documentation."


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