Special & custom-made products

Special productions for train & locomotive

Our company produces special parts. From replicas of special parts to planning and production of new parts for classic locomotives as well as for the latest high-tech trains.

  • Levelling cylinders
  • Casting plain bearings
  • Welding assemblies of any kind
  • Heat shrinking
  • Force off
  • Assemble and rivet frames
  • Bogies
  • Brake linkages
  • Coupling rods
  • Crossheads and storage platforms
  • Lead screws and blow heads
  • Lead screws and blow heads
  • Smoking chambers
  • Fire boxes
  • Heating tubes
  • Smoke tubes
  • Superheaters
  • Ash pan
  • Joint studs
  • Long boiler belly plates
  • Tube walls

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