Preparation / restoration

Corrosion damage, erosion damage and aging damage are our constant companions. The water vapor damages all parts that are flowed through.

Our job is to counteract this damage, replace parts, rebuild spare parts and take preventive measures. Whether steels from power plant applications, bronze, aluminum or white metal. Boiler steel is one of our daily materials. Used for long kettles, standing kettles, fireboxes and smoke chambers. Small parts such as stud bolts, joint stud bolts with caps, screw stud bolts for caulking and flanging, and possibly also for welding on one side. Flange pieces and reversing ends for superheater bundles, boiler tubes and smoke tubes, tube walls, domes and dome flange, their screws.

Plain bearings made of white metal with bronze or steel support material, pure bronze bearings, whether axle box arrangement, drive rod bearings, control elements.

Reconstruct water boxes to their original condition, coal shafts, tenders. Feeders, safety valves, lead screws and fuses, wash hatches renew, washout bolts and threads.

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