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Specialist for locomotives & special designs

From the sketch to the hand! We are specialists for locomotives, train and wagon construction as well as special designs and all welding works

  • Slidable lattice grate between the wagons
  • Steam valves for a valve-controlled steam locomotive
  • Base frame for generators
  • Diesel tank, hydraulic oil and stainless steel tanks
  • Spare parts for pizza ovens, wheel loaders, tractors
  • Welding components, sheet metal parts, soldered parts, compressed or forged components
  • Superheater tubes, flange parts, slide parts, plain bearings
  • Controls for steam engines
  • And much more!

With our network, we overcome every hurdle and ca do everything!

Special products

Special productions of all kinds - from the levelling of cylinders, casting of plain bearings, welding, assembling and riveting of frames, bogies, brake rods and much more ..


From small welding work to the complete replica of locomotive boilers with all approvals and the complete documentation.


Corrosion damage, erosion damage and aging damage are our constant companions. The water vapor damages all parts that are flowed through.


3D planning

Wagon & train building | 3D planning & visualization

We are able to take over all constructions, calculations, documentation and approvals. Modifications of construction - from assemblies to single part drawing, from single part to simulation, infinite calculation etc.

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