About us ... how it all started

MZA Schienenfahrzeug from Achenkirch in Tyrol

All started back in 2006, parallel to the shift work job, the foundations were laid for today's MZA Schienenfahrzeug GmbH. Simple locksmith work was done in a truck garage. From night shifts to a own workshop and after a short break at home back into the night shift. Machines and tools were purchased from order to order.

After more than a year the time had come on April 1st, 2007. The sole proprietorship was founded and is taking off. The steam boiler and rail vehicle branch was discovered in the first few months.

The practical experience in the rail sector in recent years has turned out to be an advantage. With a lot of ambition, diligence and commitment, a very interesting company has developed. Of course, luck, contacts and perseverance were also responsible for this tremendous development.

After many successful and educational years, MZA Schienenfahrzeug GmbH was founded in 2018. Another family member joined during the reorganization. 2019 it was possible to win a long-term colleague for the company as Chief Executive Officer


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